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IMPORTANT INFORMATION - New version of CropWaterUse Available!!

A new version of CropWaterUse is now available at waterschedpro.net.au. The website that you are currently visiting will soon be removed, so you should migrate your projects across to the new version as soon as possible. This will involve setting up a new account (username and password) on the new site, and setting up new Properties, Paddocks and scenarios. The new version includes enhanced climate data from over 8000 Australian rainfall station and a simplified report-based user interface.

Visit waterschedpro.net.au

About CropWaterUse
  • analyse crops using SILO data


    CropWaterUse allows you to analyse your crops using long term weather data averages for multiple Queensland and New South Wales regions dating from 1957 to 2008.

  • minimal user inputs


    CropWaterUse makes it easy to get started! Provide your project with 4 inputs. Location; Planting Date; Crop Type; Growth Pattern. If you don't know specific growing patterns for crops, don't worry, we will provide some default patterns for you.

  • create and manipulate graphs


    When you analyse your crops with CropWaterUse, you will be presented with graphs that display Daily ETc, Cumulative ETc, Seasonal ETc/Rainfall/Irrigation. You can turn crops off when viewing them on the graphs, and even zoom in!

  • analyse multiple crops for comparison


    CropWaterUse allows you to perform an analysis of multiple crops in multiple areas, at different planting dates with different crops, and then compare each crop's water use and irrigation requirements.

  • export and print detailed reports


    After performing an analysis, you will be able to print individual reports including a quick Summary Report, Weekly Weather and ETc, Irrigation Requirements and Irrigation Timing Reports. If you would like to export these, we provide the ability to save them as PDF's, Excel files, RTF and Image files.

  • projects and patterns are automatically saved


    No need to worry about saving your projects and the patterns you create. All your projects and patterns are saved automatically when you created them. Everything is saved and stored on our server so you don't have to worry.

CropWaterUse is a web-based application designed to help farmers and industry professionals calculate the total water use of a crop based on variables such as:

  • crop coefficients,
  • planting dates,
  • historical ETo weather data.

With these input variables, CropWaterUse is able to compare different crops and different planting dates across different locations within Queensland and New South Wales. This will produce interactive graphs and reports that are printable by the user. The outputs include:

  • crop life-cycle water use,
  • total cumulative crop water use,
  • quartile analysis of water use between 1957-2008,
  • printable reports and graphs of water use.

CropWaterUse has been designed to allow users to create projects and crop growth patterns to enable a custom user experience in generating the outputs that you want, with the inputs you specify.

CropWaterUse uses estabilished scientific methods

A crop coefficient (kc) is required for the estimation of crop water requirement and irrigation scheduling. It is determined as a ratio of crop evapotransipiration (ETc) to a reference crop evapotranspiration (ETo), and dependent on many factors such as evaporative demand, crop growth stage, ground cover, water availability, soil type and fertility and other growth parameters.

CropWaterUse uses crop coefficients as defined by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Irrigation and Drainage Paper 56 Crop evapotranspiration - Guidelines for computing crop water requirements, and independent DAF scientific research and validation. With these crop coefficients, CropWaterUse calculates the water use of the specified crop growth patterns using historical ETo (evapotranspiration) SILO data between the years 1957-2008.

CropWaterUse is free for everyone

It is developed specifically for primary producers, farmers, and industry professionals - but can be used by anyone. Best of all, its FREE! Anybody can use CropWaterUse, there are no subscription costs, and no charges.

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